A new era is coming in Mamazen


In our journey, we searched, studied, and turned every point. Our effort finally paid back. A New Era is approaching in Mamazen; we found and embraced our unique philosophy

The world is my representation": this is a truth valid for every living and thinking being

A. Schopenhauer

We reconsidered our principles, we firmly believe and stand for our values. We changed our mindset. After months of deconstruction we saw the light. We’ve changed our masters, we have become disciples not only entrepreneurs. 

知可戰與不可戰者 «He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious»

Sun Tzu

The Zen philosophy pervades our work routine. We removed the superfluous to aim what matters. 

We read Sun Tzu, Han Shan, Tsunetomo, the fundamentals of Oriental philosophy, Castaneda, Jodorowsky, Schopenhauer and many others; we are here to disrupt the market. We are using the best methodologies to organise the energy steam.

«When one is determined, the impossible does not exist: then heaven and earth can move. But when a man lacks courage, he cannot be persuaded»

Y. Tsunetomo

This isn’t an announcement, isn’t an update; this is who we are. This is our letter of intent. A proclamation!
Turn your eyes to the sun rising because a new dawn is coming. 

“How I long to see among dawn flowers, the face of God.”


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