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No Company is Too Big to Fail

How many big companies failed the evolution challenge so far?

Blackberry, Kodak, Yahoo… They thought their billions-of-dollars empires were too well-established to be threatened by smaller competitors. 

What happened? The world changed, but they didn’t. 

Smaller though more agile startups took advantage of the situation to oust them from the top.

Spoiler: the world is still changing faster than ever. To keep on innovating is the only way to rule the market.

Corporate Venture Building

Every function of a corporation can be outsourced – even innovation.

To outsource innovation protects your company from the risks of startupping new businesses.

Mamazen partners with you to build the next big thing: we provide all the necessary validated processes, expertise and technology to launch valuable corporate-startups within your existing business.

We think corporate

Many of us come from company consulting and strategy: we know how corporate works and how to move in the maze.


We act digital

Digital is our playground: we grew here and we know how to lead companies through the digital transformation.


We deliver for real

Less talk, more build: we are designed to launch multiple successful startups, and we do.

Our Process

01. We Explore

We're Corporate's pathfinders: we explore the market, focusing on the areas that can provide better results, mapping every hole in the innovation's pattern - that's it, a market opportunity - then we seek good ideas to fill them.

02. We Observe

Benchmarks, possible competitors, unseen chances, adaptability of the model in other scenarios: we take into account every significant spot in the area. Then we keep only the ideas with the best chances to thrive.

03. We Dare

Now we have some good material to work on, but this is just the beginning: we examine every business idea by passing it through our framework, to know its actual potential and viability.

04. We Test

Here is our first go/no go decision: once some up-and-coming ideas made it out through the framework, we test them by every means until we identify those that can rule the market. Failing is ok in that phase: we use to learn from it.

05. We Prototype

Now the game gets tough. We develop an MVP of the most performing ideas and assign a team to the new Venture. Then we use the lean approach to test the product-market fit with the first customers and get real feedback.

06. We Breed

Every new Venture has to reach predetermined milestones, on which depends the second go/no go decision. From now on, the Venture becomes independent, and the focus glides on sales and marketing.

07. Your next Big Thing

You could say it is a way too stringent process. Indeed, it is. But if an idea made it through all the steps above, it means it has a shot of succeeding.

Our magic is Data-driven: we base each startup initiative on real market data and analysis.

With your knowledge of the business and our experience in building startups based on true market opportunities, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

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