Join the Change

Let’s say you’re a senior manager in a healthy company. Your seniority grants you some wealth, but you have to deal with both the responsibility of leading a team and the pressure from your direct superiors. 

You’re stuck in the middle, with few perspectives of getting ahead in the company as all the key roles are taken. Time passes, and your talent is going wasted.

You often daydream about quitting and start running a business yourself, but you don’t want to deal with this lack of stability in this time of your life: maybe you have a family, a dog, a loan… To roll the dice now is just not an option.

Does it ring a bell?

Become a Founder

Joining Mamazen as a co-founder may be the solution to all of these problems.We’re relentlessly looking for experienced people to put in charge of our new startups.

Give yourself a chance
All you need is your expertise. We bring the rest.

Avoid risks
We start looking for a founder only when the startup is already generating revenues.

Unchain your potential
We encourage you to dream big and challenge yourself.

What we offer

We grant our founders a fair salary, a skilled team, top of the range tools and training. And of course, a lovely share of equity.

What we ask for

We need our founders to be 100% committed with the startup, as we are.

The founder is the very ground of a company: constant formation and training are essential.

We do not work with anyone. We’re looking for the most outstanding entrepreneurs out there.


Gabriele Bochicchio

With 10 years of banking background, his understanding of managing assets is difficult to overcome. Five years ago, he became passionate about the real estate sector and became an investor. With such a background, we knew at first glance that he was the perfect Ceo for Homstate. He decided to join Mamazen to bring his first venture to the next level.


Carlo Alberto Danna

His mantra is “I believe in Revenues”: no surprise that he decided to create Morsy with Mamazen. A degree in Economics and Business at Luigi Bocconi University, a career in Sales and Marketing Management at Armani and Beintoo made him the perfect playmate.

Seize the day

Do you think you can fit?