How many Ideas does it take to change the world?

How many ideas does it take to change the world? Event by Startup Studio Mamazen
How many Ideas does it take to change the world? On December 12, 2019 we tried to answer that question.

“How many ideas does it take to change the world?”
On December 12, 2019, at Toolbox Coworking, we tried to answer that question.

Indeed, ideas alone don’t change the world: people do. So we put people together in Mamacademy to rock our brains and share a concrete model to bring (good) ideas to life.

We reserved a room in a big coworking space in Turin and let us go with the flow.

Beyond ideas: the startup studio model

The Startup Studio Model – or parallel entrepreneurship – is based on standardizing processes and sharing and resources to create startups.

That’s it: a process to validate ideas before going to market, saving energies, money, relationships. 

The whole event spun around four pivotal topics:

  • Ecosystem: startup failure rate and the most frequent motivations behind failure;
  • Benchmarking: Startup Studio model abroad. What happens, why it works, data and reasons for success;
  • Mamazen model: our ideas generation framework, ideas validation process, newco, identification del co-founder and spin-off;
  • Hackathon: how to organize them with a Startup Studio.

We had more than 100 people attending, a lot of questions, great networking and good vibes.

Media Partner

As every great event, we had some very good partners watching our backs.

So thanks to:
SITPolito, SITUnito, SEI+, JEToP, HKN Polito, PoliEnergy, AIESEC Torino, Starting Finance Torino, MARKETERs Club Torino, Ogginext.

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