Board Member


Along his 20+ years of activity as a digital manager and entrepreneur, Mauro has been Letsbonus's Country Manager (exit in 2013) and co-founded Cornerjob (55Mln fundraising in 3 years, exit in 2019). In Mamazen, he's a member of the Board. Mauro has more than 20 years of experience in startups - the very first already in 2000 while studying in Berlin. (He also opened and managed a restaurant in the centre of Milan, nominated in the Michelin Guide for two years consecutively, but that's a matter for a separate talk). In 2010 he worked as the Head of Sales for the startup CityDeal, which six months after turned into Groupon Europe. Then Mauro became Country Manager of Letsbonus, whose turnover went from € 8k to € 1.6Mln per month, before making an Exit in 2013 in favour of Livingsocial (Amazon Company). In 2015 he co-founded CornerJob, a startup that raised € 55Mln of fundraising in 3 years, with Exit in 2019. He is currently partner at Your Digital and advisor of three startups in the Fashion, Mobility and HR Tech fields.