What we do

In Mamazen, we like fair play. We believe in a no-secrets-approach within our team, with our collaborators, with the investors, and with the whole society.

Sharing is our creed: we chose to be fully transparent and share our processes and internal dynamics, including salaries and decision-making policies openly, to allow people to learn from them and improve them.

Our Process

01. Ideas

When it comes to developing startups, one does not simply throw ideas on a table. Instead, we go through market analysis, existent business model comparison, and finally brainstorming. So every vision of ours is rooted in something very concrete: a market's need.

02. Performance

Once we obtained some disruptive-looking ideas, we skim them by taking into account benchmark performances, potential existing competitors, adaptability of the model in other scenarios.

03. Potential

Now we have some quite good material to work on, but it isn't over yet: we test the business ideas by passing them through a framework, to know their actual potential and viability.

04. Market Testing

"Testing" is our mantra. We test each idea until we identify those that can not only survive, but possibly rule the market.

05. MVP and newCo

Here comes the heavy lifting: we develop an MVP of the most performing ideas, and recruit the CO-founder for the new startups.

06. Hatching

We do the funding thing and, after approximatively 12 months since the very beginning of the journey, we provide the startup with a roaring team and watch it spread its wings.

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