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Pet Tech


Q1 2023


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Value Proposition

To offer pet owners a practical solution to the problems of stress and transportation of their dogs from home to the grooming center. Our platform allows you to easily book a grooming service at your home on the days that work best for you and in a stress-free environment for your furry friend.


Owning a dog means that every 2 months, you must take it to the grooming center for a bath or trim. However, combining the dog's and owner’s needs with the center's opening hours is not always easy. The risk is having an appointment scheduled after days or weeks. Going to the store cause stress due to car sickness and separation from the owner when left alone with the groomer.


Does your dog get stressed at the groomer? We bring the grooming service to your home. Easily book at a time and on a day that is most convenient for you.

  • It's convenient
  • The dog is relaxed in its environment
  • You are insured 
  • Only certified groomers
  • Guaranteed cleanliness, thanks to post-grooming disinfection and sanitization.

A booking platform for booking at-home grooming: simply request the service specifying day and time that works better for you.

The groomer will come to the customer's home equipped with a professional grooming kit.


Our target audience is pet owners who don't want to wait to take their dog to the groomer and people with dogs that are prone to stress, difficult to handle, and have problems such as car sickness.


The problem-solution fit is validated before launching the final service on the market.

For this startup, validation was conducted on potential customers and service providers.

  • Problem testing and testing of 6 value propositions were conducted by creating 6 landing pages. 187 leads were generated at a CPL (Cost per Lead) of €1.19. 
  • 53 customer discoveries were carried out on the contacts, and we've received positive feedback from 66% of our respondents, who confirmed our hypotheses on the problem
  • We've developed a prototype of our booking platform to test our solution, which has received 78 bookings
  • Price list testing was conducted on 4 price lists. We obtained 30 bookings with a CAC of €6.58 and an average revenue of €47/service for a total revenue, if the service were performed, of €1410.
  • Idea validation with service providers was conducted through a lead-generation campaign. 20 contacts were obtained with a CPL of €16.11, and we made 16 customer discoveries
  • Legal check has been done
  • We’ve conducted some research on market multiples
  • We’ve onboarded and interviewed the service providers
  • We’ve created the MVP and tested the service