We build ventures by bringing ideas to life

A deep market knowledge, comprehensive analysis and standardized processes allow our seasoned entrepreneurs to re-define the startup building process.

What is a Venture Builder?

Innovators by design

A Venture Builder is a startup-building beast: an enterprise designed to produce other enterprises in the most efficient way - which also means more than one at the same time.

Food and Shelter

The Venture Builder cares to the new startups early needs: provides a safe for growth environment, full-stack competences and talent attraction.

A Startup is born

When the newborn startup is ready, the Studio provides it with a tailored team that allows it to make its path through the market.

Dream big, build bigger

Even if we dream big, we’re no dreamers – we’re entrepreneurs. And we like to put stuff into practice as fast as we can.

The Venture Builder model allows us to do astonishing things, faster and bigger than any other model: we build ventures by bringing ideas to life.

Our Philosophy

Be aware, be responsible: this is the way we face each project. We know our activity has an impact on society and the environment, then we take responsibility for that. Mamazen is a profit company – but with a responsible, sustainable and transparent approach towards society and the environment.

News, Events & Insights

Office Hour

We don’t work on other people’s ideas. But if you have a particular issue about your startup business, you can ask for a 15-minutes call with one of the experts within our team.