We build ventures by bringing ideas to life

A deep market knowledge, comprehensive analysis and standardized processes allow our seasoned entrepreneurs to re-define the startup building process.

Dream big, build bigger

Even if we dream big, we’re no dreamers – we’re entrepreneurs. And we like to put stuff into practice as fast as we can.

The Venture Builder model allows us to do astonishing things, faster and bigger than any other model: we build ventures by bringing ideas to life.

Let´s talk numbers


hours training dragons
We believe in spreading knowledge: that’s why we spend a lot of time mentoring and analyzing startups.


challenges accepted
In our team, almost everybody is an investor too: so we know what it takes to take risks.


coffees drunk per year
We worked hard to get here, and we know we have to work harder to get further. If one could measure effort in coffee cups, he’ll see we’re really trying hard.

Our Philosophy

Be aware, be responsible: this is the way we face each project. We know our activity has an impact on society and the environment, then we take responsibility for that. Mamazen is a profit company – but with a responsible, sustainable and transparent approach towards society and the environment.



Homstate is a proptech that allows property owners to maximise their return on investment by choosing the best partner. The platform generates revenue by providing qualified leads for Real Estate agents and other real estate players.


Morsy is the perfect lunch break for corporate folks. The company provides a B2B Cloud Canteen, producing and delivering lunch to employees. Morsy is transforming how the corporate catering industry works.


Orangogo is a marketplace helping Sports Clubs to get and manage their customers. It is a one-stop-shop for customers to discover their next sports passion: they can choose your sport, book your trial lesson and pay your Sports Club fee all in one place.

Work in progress

As CB Insights analysis taught us, one of the reasons a startup fails is running out of money. Nashme allows startups and SMEs to get in control of their budgets and deliver beautiful and useful reports to shareholders.

Ogenki helps startups to meet their investors and vice versa, to trigger the spark (that’s why we jokingly call it Investinder). That’s it: a matching platform whose aim is to make every startup and investor to get in touch with their soulmate.

No more trash bin for press releases with Publibit, the full digital press office. It helps startups and SME’s to create and deliver their message to the right journalists, influencers and bloggers – while providing bloggers, influencers and journalists only the content they’re interested in.



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For companies

Are you running a company? Get your business some Mamazen power with our partnership programme.  Fast companies and products creation, technology, expertise: take all the advantages of a Venture Builder without having to build one yourself.

We're looking for brave Founders

Mamazen gives skilled entrepreneurs a chance to make a difference: we seek the most outstanding and intrepid founders to launch disruptive startups and save the world (kind of).


If you’re an expert on the Venture Builder model and you already know how we do the magic in Mamazen, you can scroll down: this is a whitepaper explaining things you already know.


Go fast, learn things. In Mamacademy, we freely share our knowledge and approach to entrepreneurship through workshops, webinars and events.

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Benefici dello Startup Studio

Benefici dello Startup Studio

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Office Hour

We don’t work on other people’s ideas. But if you have a particular issue about your startup business, you can ask for a 15-minutes call with one of the experts within our team.

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