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Mamazen Startup Studio

Building startups that solve real problems

We do not accelerate or incubate startups, nor do we adopt or work with ideas from external sources

We aren’t jacks of all trades

At Mamazen Startup Studio, we do one thing and we do it well: Building startups that shape the future. As experienced entrepreneurs and savvy investors, we tread carefully in the business arena. Only 2-4 ideas make the cut annually, becoming game-changing startups that are primed and poised for successful exit.

Our mission is to create bold breakout companies that solve the most pressing real-world challenges faced by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through the power of innovative technology. While SMEs represent 75% of all active companies on European soil, at least 50% of them fail to capitalize on the full potential of digital technology. Mamazen is here to change that.


Putting the market under the microscope to surface pressing issues


Isolating the most intriguing concepts to focus on


Brainstorming compelling solutions to power the birth of a disruptive product

It’s a simple yet powerful process. To learn more about Mamazen’s role as a Venture Builder and how we bring founders on board to build our start-ups, follow the link below to explore our process.

Explore our process

Mamazen’s Resources

Our papers

Discover the unique concept behind Venture Builders through our invaluable written material. Learn more about the pioneering model and become familiar with its inner-workings.
Bringing Ideas to Life - Startup Studio Whitepaper
The long-awaited second edition of our Whitepaper is now available for download. Explore the concept of Startup Studios and Venture Builders in scrupulous detail.
Whitepaper Download
Co-Founder Chemistry - Blending Brains and Brawn in Startup Ventures
Whitepaper Download
Investing in a Startup Studio Whitepaper
Learn more about the elements that make the Startup Studio so successful, with a particular focus on our proven Dual Entity Model. Available for download.
Whitepaper Download
Organizational Best Practices of Company Builders
Dive into Tobias Gutmann’s compelling research into best practices for company builders, with this downloadable report.
Whitepaper Download
Startup Studio - An Emerging Asset Class
Peruse powerful proof that positions Startup Studios as a remarkable alternative to otherasset classes, backed by key data and demonstrations.
Whitepaper Download
Startup Studio - Redesigning Entrepreneurship
Compiled in collaboration with Matthew Burris and Savvy Tinkers, the “Redesigning Entrepreneurship” Whitepaper takes investors through a thought-provoking and deeply insightful assessment of the world of Startup Studios.
Whitepaper Download
Startup Studio Manifesto
Immerse in a fascinating comparison between traditional startup creation methods and its groundbreaking Studio counterpart. Uncover a series of interviews with revered industry veterans – as well as an analysis of sector data and processes – exploring the history of Startup Studios and the model’s advantages in comparison to conventional startup creation.
Whitepaper Download