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We Don’t Seek Investors.We Select Them

€5 million. That’s how much Mamazen has already raised through investors, family officers, and both national and international investment holdings. Mamazen is the first Italian Startup Studio in history to achieve such a remarkable feat – and we are just getting started.

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What is Mamazen Startup Studio?

Our avantgarde Startup Studio encompasses an army of ambitious entrepreneurs and investors who operate based on fact, not foolish assumptions. As a collective, we build no more than 2-4 Startups a year, poising and priming them for a successful, futureproof exit.

What do we specialize in?

Our sphere of focus lies in creating defensible Startups that solve pressing SME challenges through the influence of digital technology. Why? Because Small and Medium Enterprises represent 75% of all active companies operating in the EU. Outrageously, half of them have not yet shifted gears from analogue to digital. Mamazen is here to change that.

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The Choice is Yours. Join a…

... And join the 14% that fail owing to a lack of team skills. What’s more, 38% of startups collapse in the wake of drained finances and no way to raise new capital. Who would want to place their entire investment into one company with a mere 10% shot at success?

…And significantly uptick your chance of success (30%, according to GSSN). Mamazen-launched Startups are led by serial entrepreneurs, and research shows that the top 1% of successful startups are steered by experienced CEOs (Harvard). With Mamazen’s unique investment vehicle (IH1) and an ecosystem of leading investors and VCs, we invest in the Seed and Pre-Seed phases to ensure victory.

Curious about Mamazen’s validation process?

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The Proof is in the Results

Mamazen achieves what other venture studios only dream of. How? Through our painstaking validation process that meticulously studies market trends and potential before investing a cent. To learn more about the extraordinary results of our existing startups, click through below.

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How Many Startups Are in the Pipeline?

We have an ambitious goal of launching 15 startups by 2026. We are well on track to achieve this milestone, with 5 startups already in operation with stable revenue generation.

Why Become a Mamazen Investor?

  • With one investment, you will join the Mamazen legacy, with 15 startups in the pipeline.
  • Share in startup studio equity through companies that generate revenue from day 0.
  • Invest in promising companies led by functional, veteran entrepreneurs with countless successful exits under their belt.
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Tipping the Scales: Traditional Startups VS Startup Studios

Numbers don’t lie. Venture Studios like ours carry a 30% higher success rate than their traditional counterparts.

Average IRR = 21.3%

Average valuation at Exit: $50M

Average time from 0 to Exit: 8 years

Average IRR = 53%

Average valuation at Exit: $74M

Average time from 0 to Exit: 4.3 years

Wise Investors Choose Mamazen:

luca puggioni
Area Delegate - General Manager at Azimut Capital Management SGR SpA
  • Investor in early-stage startups for 10+ years
  • 20+ years’ experience in the financial sector
  • General Manager at Azimut Capital Management SGR SpA
"The Dual Entity Model launched by Mamazen and IH1 represents a unique opportunity for investors. Born in Italy, it already has an international scope. Farhad and the entire Mamazen team are bridging the gap in our country between the market and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, generating value and quality. It was love at first sight, and I am proud to be on board."
Annamaria Siccardi
Co-founder of Rete del Dono | Steering Committee of the Club degli Investitori | Partner at R301 Capital
  • Co-founded
  • Partner at R301 Capital, a Venture Capital fund
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Club degli Investitori
  • Co-founder of Rete del Dono, the main Italian charity crowdfunding platform
  • Over 25 investments in startups as a business angel
"I invested because the startup studio business model, in my opinion, is among the most promising in the startup ecosystem. It's a very challenging project, but the team is definitely up to the task."
tom dare
Co-Founder and Managing Director at Science Startup Studio
  • Managing Director of Science at Inc. Startup Studio
  • Vice President of Business Intelligence at Myspace
  • Exit: Dollar Shave Club (sold to Unilever for 1 Billion)
  • Exit: Hellosociety (sold to The New York Times Company)
  • Famebit (sold to Google)
"The effectiveness of Startup Studios is increasingly recognized in the global startup landscape, and their startup studio business model is expanding very rapidly worldwide. For this reason, today I am very proud to be part of a solid reality like Mamazen and to support with my experience the first Italian Startup Studio."

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