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Our Studio Process and Focus

Creating Opportunities. Growing Success.

1. Explore the Market

Our dedicated team will start identifying unmet market needs, aligning and perfecting our business idea during the thesis development phase of the process.

2. Opportunity Identification

We’ll define the market, refine the product or service offering, and create a real, actionable plan to bring the idea to life.

3. Validation of Keys Assumptions

By testing, proving, and tailoring our business plan and approach, we’ll make sure we understand exactly what works and what we shouldn’t be wasting our time on.

4. MVP Development

We help you build a prototype of the new products that we want to share with the world. By testing whether our proposal meets our newly discovered opportunities, we can help you secure the MVP with confidence.

5. Growth

Now that our start-up is firmly rooted, we need to help it grow. Here, we’ll tap into a network of professional connects, adjust and realign any potential issues, and do what it takes to make the start-up a resounding success.

6. Seed round

Our goal is to take every start-up we create right to the first seed round and make it independent from the Studio. This is the final and potentially most important step of the start-up process, and we treat it as such!

What and How?

We digitalize small businesses by changing the way they work


Micro-businesses are threatened by players such as large chains, e-commerce, and startups. Their existence is at risk, making neighborhoods impersonal and little authentic and running against a shared desire for authenticity, offline socialization, and human connection.Micro and small businesses are at the core of the European Economy, employing around 50 million people, and accounting for over 20% of Europe's GDP. 75% of all European businesses fall into this category.Micro enterprises suffer from systemic weaknesses placing them at an unfair disadvantage when competing with more highly organized players. The most common problems are high fragmentation, weak bargaining power, and a reduced ability to make investments. In addition, they are characterized by poor managerial and entrepreneurial skills and a lack of knowledge and tools necessary for digital transformation.

Investment Thesis

Mamazen Startup Studio builds startups that revolutionise the customer experience and the running of poorly digitised micro and small enterprises. With our startups, customers can take advantage of the high-touch services of artisans and professionals right at their fingertips. Our platforms enable micro and small businesses to continue to succeed in a rapidly changing digital landscape.We create plug-and-play solutions that simplify processes, improve customer experience, and create cross-cutting tools for digital transformation. The goal is to reduce inefficiencies and enable micro-businesses to attract, manage, and retain customers, freeing up business owners to focus on their specific profession.


Our mission is to become the hub for Founders who want to be part of a start-up built on invincible foundations of strength, resilience, and longevity.


We want to make positive change for smaller companies around Europe who want to digitize, grow, and scale – just like large businesses would.

Are You Looking For The Right Startup Model?

We cannot promise that we won’t fail at all. Failure is integral to success. To us, there are no failures, only lessons learned. However, the rate of failure – and the severity of that mistake’s consequences – will be far less than what you might face with others.