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Laser-Focused. Precision-Oriented.

Our Focus

Mamazen Startup Studio produces avant-garde startups from scratch. While each concept is unique, they are all anchored in the same mission: To eliminate fragmentation in small businesses. We recruit Founders who share our drive and tenacity to pinpoint areas where this fragmentation hits microbusinesses the hardest, stunting their growth and profitability.

Consider our startups “operating systems” for these micro-businesses, streamlining customer access while effortlessly meeting proven demand based on deep market research. Our ultimate goal is to create companies that fuel the growth and success of Europe’s micro-businesses for the long-haul.
We believe in:
  • Investing in startups that truly empower micro-businesses, priming and poising them to attain their fullest potential in the competitive global market.
  • Freeing full economic value by tapping into the hugely unharvested resources of micro-businesses and craftspeople worldwide.
What and Who We Need

Our Ideal Co-Founder is...

…Curious. Brave. Tenacious. Relentless in pursuit of success. While there is no magic formula that defines the perfect Founder, we are actively seeking those with key ingredients that have already proven to be crucial in the rise of our homegrown companies. If you fall under any of these categories, we want to hear from you:
  • Co-founder: You have an established track record for building and selling a product, fundraising €500K+, or generating €500K+ in revenue as a Founder or Co-Founder.
  • CxO: Your role as CxOfficer or early employee in a High-Growth Startup played a critical role in steering the company toward greatness.
  • Consultant: You’ve spent a minimum of 4+ years in powerhouse consulting companies such as Bain, KPMG, BCG, and the like.
Indeed, there is no magic formula. There are, however, universal traits that make a Founder a force to be reckoned with in the startup arena. Successful Founders have the uncanny capacity to engage stakeholders and preserve their curiosity. They are armed with remarkable sales skills and effortlessly adapt in the wake of ever-evolving technology and markets.

Great Founders prioritize innovation and intellectual honesty. They silence the threat of imitation through their candid and outspoken character. They are clear thinkers who take responsibility for failures and see setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. They see potential in others where most see a blank canvas.

They know the power a team holds in carrying an idea from seed to reality. They have a deep understanding of the economics necessary for value exchange, and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in every chapter of a startup’s growth story. From MVP to scaling, successful founders collaborate closely with industry experts to ensure triumph in every conquest.

What does it mean?
  • Our Founders have the resolve, resilience, and patience to develop viable business models from scratch. Devoting time, passion, and every ounce of their experience, our tenacious Founders transform simple 10-slide pitch decks into inspiring startup propositions.
  • They painstakingly source and onboard relevant talent to power the new venture’s engines.
  • They command a team of high-potential individuals to create an army of leaders poised to bring high-demand products and services to the market.

A pre-validated idea:

Mamazen’s unique startup concept commences with internal idea generation grounded into substantial research into clear market needs. Through our validation process, we assess both potential customer awareness and their willingness to purchase, coupled with the interest of professionals in being part of such a movement. Only a few ideas survive the scrutiny of our validation process. The rest are discarded to ensure only the crème de la crème makes the cut.

Team and Network

When you join the Mamazen, you earn the support of our team during the first 6 months of your startup venture. This fervent army comprises proficient experts – all of whom share a deep-seated passion for their craft, spanning Marketing, Sales, Product, Finances, Press, and Legal. When you join Mamazen Startup Studio as a Co-Founder, this is what you get – and you aren’t charged a cent for our time. 


Each startup is granted initial capital of €150K from our Investment Vehicle, IH1. This sum is assigned to cover all company expenses during the startup’s first 6 months of operation. This includes the Founder’s salary, overheads, marketing budget, and the like.


Each startup’s Founding Team receives 70% in equity, split amongst the Co-Founders at the time of the company’s creation.

An Important Note

Building a startup from scratch – playing a role in shaping the future – it’s electrifying. But it’s also stressful. It means performing 100 MBAs simultaneously. Every year spent in a startup is comparable to 10+ years in most other jobs, in terms of milestones accomplished and victories achieved.

Needless to say, launching a startup from nothing is no walk in the park. It’s more like a marathon through the Amazon Jungle. It’s a full-time commitment that devours much of one’s off-time too. Beyond hours, it’s about being resilient and adaptable to change.

It’s about making tough decisions on the spot when the weight and fate of the startup’s destiny rests on your shoulders. It’s working with fortitude and perseverance; seeing things through no matter the magnitude of the obstacles in your path. It’s gracefully navigating the ups and downs, juggling it all and staying strong even when a ball drops.

It’s not for everyone. But if it’s for you, we want to know. If you understand the meaning of real hard-work – which is not for the faint of heart – then being a Mamazen Founder could just be the most fulfilling experience of your life. If the satisfaction of success outweighs the pain of the journey, you know what to do…

Do you have what it takes to become a Mamazen co-founder?

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