A Note to Founders:
Internal Generated Ideas Only

We are serious about growing profitable startups that prosper, which is why we only scale concepts that we have generated and validated internally. The startups we pursue are the result of painstaking ideation and testing.
Our data-driven solutions focus on solving pressing problems and unheeded needs in the market.
Only once an idea is endorsed do we start to look for the perfect founder. Once you are onboarded, we’ll work together to turn the idea into an infinitely successful startup.   We partner with ambitious, experienced entrepreneurs, giving them all they need to hit the ground running without crashing or burning.

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What Mamazen Provides

Our Startup Studio Gives You:

A Validated Idea

Every successful startup we create begins with an internally generated and validated idea. Why? Because we want to see Founders ride on the saddles of projects that are guaranteed to soar.

Salary & Shares

Pay peanuts, and you get monkeys. We don’t want primates on our team. We want intelligent trailblazers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty on the daily, which is why you get a fair salary and up to 70% company equity.

Team and Network

From the moment you join our dream team, you’ll be introduced to an industry-leading network of front-runners in the marketing, sales, product, finance, press, and legal departments to name a few.

Fundraising Power

Aside from obtaining liquidity for all operational costs and salaries, we establish a minimum investment of €500K if the startup gains the appropriate traction.

We’re On The Hunt

Founders aren’t born; they’re built. Do you have a burning desire to build a successful and profitable startup? Do you want to leave the world in a better state than you found it in? While there is no magic formula that defines the perfect Founder, certain ingredients are crucial for our Startup Studio:


“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” – Oscar Wilde.

We are actively searching for curious, brave individuals with at least 5+ years of experience in challenging entrepreneurial, Founder, or CXO roles. Together, we can found and fund a brighter future with fewer carps and more dragons.


“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King.

We can’t stop storms from brewing, but we can make sure the rainbow always emerges in the wake of the rain. If challenges excite you – never scare you – then this is the environment for you.


“Be stubborn on vision, but flexible on details.” – Jeff Bezos.

Having a vision is crucial, but it’s not enough. We need Founders who can translate the vision to team members and investors, with an open mind to watch it mature and change with the wind if needed.


“Big results require big ambitions.” – Heraclitus.

Our team always has room for one more dreamer who is relentless in the pursuit of more. If you want to plant seeds that flourish into trees that reach the sky, then invest in early-stage startups that have zero room for failure.

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The people behind our progress


Irene Giani

After a Master Degree in Marketing Management at the Bocconi University in Milan, Irene starts working at Facile.it, where she stays for 6 years and lives the transformation from a scale-up into a unicorn of the italian tech company that helps italians to save money comparing products. In her last role she is a Business Unit Director in charge of guiding the set-up of a new vertical focused on personal insurance, creating a dedicated team and designing the strategy of this new offer proposition ranging from travel insurance to pet coverages. After, she decides to try to experience a big multinational company focused on insurance brokerage but she understands very soon that this is not in her ropes and she desires more and more to undertake a different path. Daughter of entrepreneurs and grown up in her mom's perfumery, in 2023 she decides to follow her dream and found a start-up dedicated to beauty at home, with the goal of leading beauty to people' houses with a high-quality, fully digital and innovative service accessible to everyone.


Yan Cataldo

Yan Cataldo is an impressive individual who began his career at a very young age. He worked as a factotum in a beauty salon at the tender age of 13, demonstrating his passion and dedication to the industry. When he turned 19, Yan became a partner in a company that owned three salons. This partnership allowed him to gain valuable experience and knowledge about the industry. In 2004, Yan decided to take a leap of faith and open his first independent salon in his hometown. His hard work and determination paid off, as the salon quickly became successful. Yan's salon had a turnover of 600,000€ and a team of 10 employees. Yan's career continued to flourish as he gained international experience in cities such as Milan, London, Amsterdam, and New York. These experiences allowed him to develop his skills and expand his knowledge of the industry. In late 2019, Yan made a strategic decision to invest in startups and launch a consulting company. He trained more than 30 businesses, including salons and professionals, by developing innovative business models and cutting-edge management strategies. In 2023, Yan joined Deeva as Co-Founder. The goal of the company is to bring the beauty industry directly into people's homes. With Yan's experience and expertise, Deeva is sure to be a success.

CO-FOUNDER @Pelomatto

William Selmo

Experienced Entrepreneur and Digital Transformation Leader with a proven track record in driving growth, optimizing operations, and developing successful e-commerce strategies. Skilled in CRM, strategy, operations, and sales, with expertise in managing teams, implementing new technologies, and establishing efficient workflows. Has build 1.2M pipeline as Sales Manager at Kleecks in 4 months and leading Digital Transformation initiatives as a Freelance Digital Transformation Manager at I-AER Institute of Applied Economic Research. 6 years of entrepreneurship developing Glimmed a fashion brand building company with a focus on:
- Elettra Lamborghini Collection kidswear Licensee Brand with 1M in annual revenue.
- Not After Ten influencer based Digital Brand, 400k in revenue in 7 months.
- Glimmed HQ digitalization in order to develop a fully automated operations structure ablet to manage peaks of 1000 daily orders both B2B and B2C with a team of 4 people including warehouse management.

CO-FOUNDER @Pelomatto

Ferdinando Volpe

Extensive experience in business development, with a passion for startups, venture capital, and innovations of high growth potential. In the early days of his career, he launched one of the first Italian crowdfunding platforms focused on real estate. The startup was selected for acceleration at the Polo Tecnologico di Pavia and Mind the Bridge in San Francisco, California.
After spending time in Silicon Valley, he leaves Italy to study branding in Barcelona. He specializes in helping small and medium-sized companies grow, expand, and digitize during this period. He then holds the position of Country Manager for the Spanish go-to-market of Trackting, an Italian scale-up.
After five years in Spain, he returned to Italy to face a new challenge in entrepreneurship by approaching the Venture Builder model.
Results-oriented, he is passionate and dedicated to do "what needs to be done" to achieve goals.

CEO @Startup Stealth mode

Riccardo Barbieri Torriani

Graduated in law from the State University of Milan, he became a lawyer and then radically changed his path. He worked for ten years in Milan in the financial investment and luxury real estate sectors, then left for London where he obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the US university Hult International Business School. He spent the last months of his master studying first in China (Shanghai) and finally in the United States (New York City). On his return he founded Toneshow, the first platform in the world dedicated to the management of copyright through blockchain technology. The project, still under NDA, was sold to a US tech giant a few years later with an exit in the order of 20x.At the same time he is CEO of AMY Music, a London tech platform that connects musicians and music services all over the world. Currently the project is present in over sixty countries around the world, serves over 200,000 profiles and has a turnover of several million euros every year. A passionate musician, he has five-time Grammy Award winner Max MC Costa as partner and producer of his project The Austen. He has written two books under the pseudonym Ethan Khan: “Nana Nights In Japan” and “Anonima Pendolari”.


Gian Luca Ranno

Gian Luca transitioned from the design and communication industry into the world of food and innovation, where he attended various events as a speaker and teacher. He explored new paths for the food and communication industry while working in countries like China, Oman, Portugal, Ireland, Bosnia, England, France, and Italy.
In 2017, Gian Luca left his position as the founder of Gnammo, Italy’s leading platform for social eating. Since then, he has been committed to supporting the development of new projects in the food, tourism, and innovation industry.


Danilo Tardino

Born in 1972, Danilo Tardino graduated in Architecture at the University of Palermo and got a Master in Strategic Design at the Polytechnic of Milan. During his career Danilo combined experiences in asset management (Pirelli RE, Deutsche Bank, SIRTI) and experiences in consulting or service companies with focus on Corporate Real Estate. From 2019 to 2021 he was CEO of Roger Group SpA. In 2007 he founded REIMA (Real Estate Italian Manager Association) and had a seat in the board of ASPESI. In 2012 he was among the founders of Federimmobiliare and Honorary President of Real Estate Italian Young Managers Association since 2014.


Carlo Alberto Danna

He graduated from Bocconi in Management of International Institutions and began working in the Giorgio Armani sales team in New York and as Ad Ops in Beintoo in Milan. In 2015 he founded his first startup with the aim of democratizing starred cuisine and it is the only non-English company to participate in the JustEat corporate accelerator program. At the end of 2017 he decided to found Morsy, the B2B2C and 100% data-driven dark-kitchen that is revolutionizing the world of corporate catering.


Giulia Pettinau

Giulia Pettinau graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Turin. She gained experience in Yaskawa, a multinational in the industrial automation sector, having the role of Marketing Manage. A preference for numbers and a profoundly ethical strategic vision of the business led her in 2017 to take her first steps as a startupper. Passionate about sports, with a free and independent spirit, pioneer of the digital revolution of the sports sector, she created the first sports search engine. OrangoGo is the platform where the user can search among all the Associations / Sports Clubs of Italy, filter by address, age, sport, disability, timetables, and book their free trial, lesson, or course.

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