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Value Proposition

With INPOI, real estate agents can leverage digital capabilities and data insights to create an unforgettable and seamless experience for their clients by digitizing their processes. INPOI helps agencies acquire and manage exclusive leads from homeowners who have requested property valuations in their area.

  • Real estate agencies still rely heavily on local presence and word-of-mouth from doormen to acquire clients.
  • Real estate agencies use social media without a good strategy for acquiring leads, making it fruitless and a waste of time.
  • Agencies that purchase online leads often feel unsatisfied with the quality of leads (out of the area and lack exclusivity).
  • It's common for agencies to have trouble managing online leads (e.g., fake numbers).
  • Inpoi offers an online lead-generation service to real estate agencies.
  • Inpoi offers its partner agencies an exclusive contacts package within their specific geographic area.
  • Inpoi automatically verifies that the phone numbers are real and usable.
Revenue Model

Inpoi's first revenue stream is the sale of lead packages:

  • One-shot package (minimum order of 25 leads)
  • 6-month membership
  • 12-month membership
  • Market analysis was conducted through the analysis of industry reports and customer discovery with 10 industry experts: we discovered that 25% of the real estate agent's working hours are spent searching for properties for sale.
  • Through customer discovery with industry experts, we obtained additional information on acquisition costs of property for sale and data needed for property evaluation by real estate agencies.
  • We conducted customer discovery with real estate agents to understand the main problems in their process.
  • Problems were identified through tests on Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
  • The solution was validated by creating a series of landing pages, each with a different value proposition.
  • 20 real estate agencies were targeted, 12 of which (60%) purchased the package.
Inpoi today:
  • Money raised: €500,000
  • 55 customer agencies
  • Monthly recurring revenue of €10,000
  • Partnerships with Vic,, Homepanda, and Facile Ristrutturare
  • Property evaluated: 200,000
  • Revenue in 2022: €70,000 (+ 280% vs. 2021)
  • 56% of the Italian territory covered.

Danilo Tardino - CEO

Architect and expert of Real Estate with more than 20 years of experience

Chiara Bottini - Marketing Manager

10 years experience in web marketing, SEO expert

Elena Melis - Financial Controller

Economic background, experience in project management and funds planning

Pierangelo Scarabello - Sales Manager

11 years experience in sales, specialized in the Real Estate industry.