"A wild founder is someone who dares to live beyond the 'certainty' of employment. A person with a strong sense of character who chooses to take risks over staying in a comfortable position."

Do you know you’re destined for more but need someone with experience and industry power to make it happen? Join the Mamazen herd and dare to conquer the pack with us. Soar straight to the top of the corporate food chain and roar as King of the Jungle and Head of a company that meets real market needs – a company that’s already in motion…

Who we are

Mamazen is a Startup Studio with a laser focus on B2B Digital Ventures. In a stagnant world of copycats, we dare to let our wild side shine through – building companies from scratch based upon standardized processes without being contaminated by external ideas.

We have paved the way for the Studio model in Italy to make entrepreneurship accessible to anyone determined to build something great that creates value worldwide.

As a Startup Studio, we are programmed to be your best partner: we provide you with a validated product, operations, funding, skills, and network that will allow you to succeed in the shortest possible time. All you have to do is focus on the results.

Who are we looking for?

We want curious and courageous people who desire to build profitable and impactful companies (Mamazen is a Benefit company). 

The person we need already exists – we know it – and while there’s no magic formula to miraculously create the founder we’re on the hunt for, we want to hear from you if you have at least one or more of the following: 

…Did you tick one or more of the above? Great. But don’t apply yet unless you can tick all of the below. 

Things you must know: 

Are you ready for the journey?

What Mamazen does?

First, let’s talk about what we don’t do. We don’t ask our founders to clock in at 8am sharp to sit at a dirty desk, drink cheap coffee, and share the odd piece of advice every now and then. A small slice of Startup stock and a pat on the back aren't enough to reward hard work.  

As a fully REMOTE Startup Studio, you don’t need to move from where you are living if that’s the place where you want to be. We’ll only ask you to suit up and show up in circumstances like meetings, retreats, or business trips (as a founder you know that those are unpredictable) to Italy and other parts of Europe (but honestly, that’s not really a punishment…). 

We do, however, need founders who work hard. And we mean really hard. The kind of hard work that sees you celebrate on Mondays while everyone else waits for Friday. The kind of hard work where you’re hustling on Christmas Eve while the rest of the world chills.   We want and need Founders who LOVE what they do. 

Let’s wrap up the benefits of partnering up with us to build your next venture.

A pre-validated project

As a Studio, we generate and internally validated solutions to real market problems so that we can put our co-founders on projects with high potential and a proven need.

Equity and initial budget

We believe that the best way to build a company is to share risks and rewards. We know that the real success of a project depends on who gets their hands dirty every day, so we give our founders 70% of the company shares.

We are strongly committed to the Startups we create. We invest 100K€ to support operational expenses (salaries, marketing, consulting, accountant etc.) for the first 6-9 months. Creating value is easier when there are no distractions.

Team e Network

You will work with the Mamazen team, we will get our hands dirty together. We will be there with you: marketers, salespeople, product managers, and finance. Mamazen founders will be available for weekly discussions on KPIs, milestones, and strategies. But that's not all. We can activate press offices, legal offices, and tax advice, not to mention a network of mentors and investors.

Fundraising Power

We do not provide just liquidity to cover initial cost, IH1 provides an investment of max 500,000€ in the best performing startups produced by Mamazen.

Which Project?


Grooming your pet is a regular activity that has some problems: it stresses the pet and it’s difficult to schedule it at a convenient time for the owner.


A booking service for the best professionals who can do the grooming at home, ensuring the quality offered in a traditional center.


Testing of 6 value propositions through the creation of 6 landing pages. 53 customer discoveries were conducted, and 66% of the responses validated our hypotheses. 

We developed a booking platform prototype for actual booking tests (78 bookings collected).
Pricing test conducted on 4 pricing lists. 

Validation of the interest of service providers through a lead generation campaign and 16 discoveries. 

Legal due diligence and setup. 

MVP construction. 

Operational test → Coming soon.

Selection Process

After the initial screening, if you are a good fit, you will be invited to meet the Mamazen team in a one-hour call.

If you pass the second step, you will receive details about the startup (metrics and insights on the validation phase) and the deal conditions.

The 3rd step involves preparing a presentation to show us why you are the right founder and what you want to achieve in the first 12 months of the startup. 

If you pass through the step above you will go through a psychological aptitude assessment.

If we like each other - that means you are among the top 3 candidates - Mamazen will ask you to dedicate 2 half days per week of your free time for a month. During this time, we will get to know each other on an operational level. You won’t need to quit your current job.

If there is a green light from both parties, we are ready to go on stage at the end of the month.


The facts are all here, and we could go on all day – but at the end of the day, we’re ready to give you all you need to claim your throne as King of the Startup jungle. But farm horses won’t do. We want trained pureblood steeds who’ll stop at nothing to rise to the top. If you think (and know) you’ve got what it takes, then you know what to do…

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