In Mamazen, we like fair play.

We believe in a no-secrets-approach within our team, with our collaborators, with the investors, and with the whole society.

Sharing is our creed: we chose to be fully transparent and share our processes and internal dynamics, including salaries and decision-making policies openly, to allow people to learn from them and improve them.


For us, transparency isn’t a word to fill with the empty spaces in the corporate profile: it’s the cornerstone of our philosophy. We make important informations accessible for Mamazen’s stakeholders, from salaries to daily activity to business decisions.

Decision-Making Process​

We don’t believe in hierarchies. In Mamazen, we take every pivotal decision by passing through the Consensus Method: a peculiar decision-making process that takes into account every stakeholder, to achieve a consensual resolution.


Be aware, be responsible: this is the way we face each project. We know our activity has an impact on society and the environment, then we take responsibility for that. Mamazen is a profit company – but with a responsible, sustainable and transparent approach towards society and the environment.

Fully Remote

Mamazen’s engine, freed from the weight of time and space, started spinning faster than ever thanks to the total redesign of our internal processes. Remote working led us to better plan our meetings and to better coordinate our work load. It helped us avoid the distractions of “kill-flow” tasks and to have higher appreciation of all team members time.

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