Being the perfect CoFounder at Mamazen

August 23, 2021

We talked about what characteristics a co-founder must-have. But what are those of a good CoFounder at Mamazen? Find it out!

It's time to talk about how we work in Mamazen and manage processes in our Dojo. In today’s article, we'll unfold must-haves characteristics for the perfect cofounder at Mamazen!

In the last articles, we discovered Mamazen’s Studio type and our approach to the market.
If you missed them, here they are:

  • Which kind of Studio is Mamazen
  • Mamazen’s market approach

Co-Founders are key people within a Startup Studio: the relationship is based on cooperation and mutual trust.  Here, you can read more about Co-Founder characteristics according to Idealab, eFounders, and Builders.

The perfect Co-Founder

In this article, we will uncover must-haves skills to join our Dojo as a Co-Founder.

If you are applying as a Co-Founder here you will find out what we think could be a perfect match; instead, if you are a Studio Founder these points will guide you during your selection process.

Which are our requirements at Mamazen? Here they are:

  • Age between 30 and 40: we look for experienced people.
  • He/she worked in the Startup ecosystem, in a Fast growing environment as a manager, in another Startup Studio or VC or he/she has already launched his/her own startup, (no matter if it failed). Our philosophy does not demonize failure: if you fail, you have more experience to share.
  • Expertise in the industry.
  • Being a storyteller: having the ability to live a dream and to share your dream with your team, investors and customers is crucial. (as Alex Maleki said).
  • Commitment: we need highly motivated people who leave their comfort zone and are completely committed. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, go straight towards your goals with a never-give-up mindset.
  • Excellent personal network: having a good network is a must-have for an entrepreneur, it can be vertical into the industry or heterogeneous and horizontal across multiple sectors (press, banks, suppliers, etc.).
  • Team management and organization skills: empathy, respect, sympathy, and kindness are essential to keep your team focused.

This is the perfect CoFounder at Mamazen. Quite demanding huh? Here what you get, Check this out.

  • Dynamic and experienced team that will help you along the journey
  • Experienced advisors in the startup industry
  • Access to a Broad network
  • Fundraising and recruiting support
  • 360 degrees support services for the growth of your startup

Now you know what are the skills for the perfect CoFounder at Mamazen

In the next article, we'll talk about how we manage the Equity Split between Studio and Co-Founder in our Dojo!

Are talented people aware of their uniqueness? In many cases not. They are ambitious people, who always push their limits, who don't settle and aren't afraid of change, they are always waiting for it.

If you can't turn off your brain because too many ideas are floating in your head, if you don't identify yourself in a specific role, if your mantra is to learn something new every day, you're the perfect talent for our Dojo!

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