Alice Ravizza

Board Member

Graduated in Biomedical Engineering, since 2001 she has been involved in co-design, innovation, and certification in the world of medical devices. Her professional journey began with a technical experience at the historic family company, Haemotronic, which produces sterile plastics for biomedical use, particularly for hemodialysis. Throughout her career, she has participated in the design of various innovative medical devices in collaboration with both startups and large national and international groups. She has indeed obtained certification for 8 patents and founded three innovative startups, both pre-incubated at I3P Polytechnic of Turin. The first, Use-me-d, focuses on the prevention of human error in medicine; the second, InsideAI, operates in the field of AI certification for medical diagnostics; and finally, Bioniks, a newborn initiative working in collaboration with universities and already engaged in a joint Ph.D. project with the University of Bologna. Alice has also launched the Genera project, a real container of investment projects.

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