Roberto Beragnoli


In love with everything related to creativity and technology. After his graduation in Philosophy, Roberto started working in the field of rapid hardware and software prototyping. His career began with a collaboration with WASP (3D printers) and with PNAT, a spin-off of the University of Florence, directed by prof. Stefano Mancuso. This latest experience culminates with the exhibition of the Jellyfish Barge project (a floating, technological and self-sustainable greenhouse) during EXPO 2015 in Milan, in which he takes part in the prototyping of on-board sensors. In 2015, with the same team, he founded MoveOnApp, a startup that works in the field of medical devices for rehabilitation. After this experience as head of hardware prototyping, he moved mainly to software (with particular attention to the nocode world) and artificial intelligence. Using the same tools, when the sun goes down he is transformed into a digital artist. Under this identity he has collected several exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

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